Need Help? Call or Text the Lifeline.


If you are considering acting on suicidal thoughts, seek medical help immediately by callingthe National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988. Remember that suicidal crisis is always temporary.

What Can Family Members Do?

  • Remove all guns from the home and restrict access to other lethal means
  • Support your family member in following their Safety Plan: Download this free app for your cell phone. It contains an outline for a safety plan that helps attempt survivors and others at risk for suicide to identify the thoughts, situations, and feelings that lead to suicidal crisis, as well as the coping mechanisms, distractions social supports, crisis contacts, and environmental safety precautions that can help them manage suicidal thoughts and stay safe.
  • Ask family member to rate their emotions or thoughts regarding suicide, depression for hopelessness on a scale to determine mental health status.
  • Practice good self-care regarding nutrition, sleep, relaxation and mental health
  • Talk to trusted friends and family members as needed
  • Reach out to mental health professionals for information on suicide and mental illness to better understand what your loved one is experiencing
  • Validate and support your loved one

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Suicide Can Be Prevented


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If you are in a crisis, please call 911 or call or text the Lifeline at 988

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